Jeremy Liguori outside behind a camera.

Jeremy Liguori is an LA and NYC based cinematographer. Graduating from NYU Tisch, he got his start as a set electrician with thousands of hours on set with IATSE local 52. His work there laid the foundation for his keen instinct  for lighting and composition. His work has received recognition internationally, with short film Watchers of the Land showing at Vancouver Mountain Film Festival and YellowKnife International Film Festival. 

Jeremy draws from his experience in narrative work to create visually riveting documentaries. His passion for documentaries comes from the experiences on set, capturing events that only happen once in a lifetime, and connecting deeply with the people and cultures he captures on film, honoring their experiences.

Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman, spending his free time skiing, scuba diving, and backpacking. He takes the outdoors inside with his freshwater aquascapes at home.

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